Bespoke Illustrated Wedding Invitations


I love wedding stationery commissions, there is something really exciting about designing bespoke illustrated wedding invitations that become the first point of contact between the happy couple and their prospective guests. They are a little hint of what is to come, a snippet of the colours and themes of the wedding celebration and a reminder to pin up until the big day finally arrives!

I had so much fun designing wedding invitations for Adam and Kizzie; they approached me as they wanted their invitees to receive all the information they needed, but in a beautiful format that represented their personalities. They both love birds and as a couple share their home with many feathered friends, making peacocks and their majestic plumage the perfect choice.

I discovered that leucistic Indian peacock’s have completely white plumage, reminding me of a veiled bride. This inspired my design for the evening invitation – the two peacocks featured became Mrs and Mrs, the Bride and the Groom.


I  wanted to share some of my work in progress photographs and a few images of the completed bespoke invites. Creating the pattern for the reverse of the wedding invitations was really satisfying, especially as I was using one of my favourite colour schemes to imitate the peacocks’ impressive tail feathers.


I  used gouache paints for the designs, which I love working with. Gouache is more opaque than watercolour so is suitable for more direct painting techniques.


Over the next few months I’m going to be working on a number of different designs and themes for wedding invitations. These will form my new wedding collection which can be personalised with your details and information. In addition I will continue to offer a bespoke wedding invitation design service.

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