Chefs Galore Tea Towels

New Chefs Galore tea towels have arrived!


A drawing of a chef with a moustache that I did one night inspired me to design a tea towel featuring many chefs, all with different facial hair. I kind of liked the idea that all of my chefs were very, very hairy, whilst finding a hair in your food is guaranteed to put you off eating it and a definite reason to lodge a complaint with the kitchen! I’ve always listened to audio books whilst drawing and a particular favourite when I was younger was my Fawlty Towers cassette – I still love Fawlty Towers and as I was drawing I could recite the part of the show where a guest complains of a hair in her soup and Polly says ‘Well don’t shout too loudly or everyone will want one!!’

I altered the design a couple of times as I initially wanted to make more of a point about the hairy nature of the chefs, so have included some photographs of my work in progress below.






My finished tea towels are screen printed onto 100% cotton, complete with a hanging loop and presented with an illustrated band. I experimented with different types of packaging and string but decided that I preferred the illustrated paper band as it is removable so you can see the whole design. I choose brown paper to emphasise the rustic feel of the tea towel design and Holly Booth, took some excellent product shots for me, using props that fit this theme.


Chefs galore tea towels are now available to buy in my online shop.


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