Emily Notman Unit 12 Workshop

Emily Notman is a mixed media artist who works out of Unit Twelve gallery in Stafford and last Saturday she ran a ‘Manipulated Wall Hangings’ workshop which I attended. At Unit Twelve each of the contributing artists have their own studio space in which to work and also display the gorgeous items that they have made.  This is part of Emily’s space where you can the see some examples of things she has for sale. I love the mussel shells; they remind me of eating mussels in Turkey from street vendors and saving all the shells because I loved the colours and patterns inside.



Emily’s workshop involved creating lots of mini fabric samples on a variety of materials and with a combination of ink, paint and bleach. It was great to spend a day with friends working on a creative project that was completely different to my usual work and learn about Emily’s working process. I enjoyed my introduction to Bondaweb, creating extra layers of pattern and attaching all my chosen samples together and the playful, delightfully messy process of dyeing the fabrics, which can be seen below.




This is my almost completed wall hanging before I stuck it all together with Bondaweb.
I worked on a geometric theme and I’m looking forward to embellishing it with some more stitching and square buttons.


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